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March 2013 Sale
One of our producers took our advice! His client (Male, Age 50) wanted an additional $1 Million of 30 year term.... The client, a successful Attorney, was worried that his current $2 Million of term would run out in his 70's... His parents were both alive and healthy in their 80's...

The client knew that if he waited until his 70's to review his life needs
  1. He would have no more conversion options.
  2. His health had only a 13% chance of super preferred or preffered rates.
So, he wanted at least 30 years coverage now.

Our Solution
If he bought $1Million term now, the cost would be around $3,000 (30 years) but at age 80 - he would have no life insurance.

The Client agreed with our recomendation to buy $500,000 of 30 year term (in case he is lucky enough to die before age 80)

PLUS buy $500,000 of American General "Secure Lifetime GUL" which is guranteed to age 131, at an annual cost of $4,161. So now the client feels relieved and the producer has a total sale of $5,700 premium rather than $3,000 premium. He just doubled his commision! (Plus, Renewals on $4,161)
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